Teacher Recommendations


So, one of the teachers that I am working with strongly recommends Bologna & Perugia, both cities which are within four hours of where I am staying. I feel another weekend trip coming on. Perugia is a college town, so maybe I will find some Americans or some people closer to my age there. And Bologna? I’m sure it’s famous for something. Something that I will have to research. I remember reading somewhere that each region of Italy has its own wine. Not sure what is what, but I’ll figure out which weekend I will go where. I’m so excited.

You know, in one of my classes today, one of the students asked, “How do you ask for information in Macerata?” That’s a very good question. The truth is, I manage. I figure it out. I know a little bit of Italian, and I know some Spanish, so, I make do. It’s easier for me to understand what is being said to me than it is to try and  respond to what is being said.


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  1. Kathleen says:

    Perugia is a great town, and a lot of Americans go there to study Italian. Bologna also has a university, so although lots of young people live there, you won’t find as many Americans.

    1. Yea. I booked my room for the weekend. So I’ll see what types of fun things there are to do around Perugia while I’m there. Is there a special wine that is special to that region? I might pick up a bottle or so.

  2. Kathleen says:

    The best wine from right near Perugia is probably Torre di Giano (from Torgiano). It’s similar to Orvieto, which is from another Umbrian town, and another very nice white wine. Orvieto itself is a very charming town, if you get a chance to travel further from Macerata. You really cannot go wrong with Umbrian wines.

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