Cultural Differences

2007-01-04 18.20.44

It’s been but two weeks, and I am already starting to learn the differences between the Italian Culture and American Culture.

For one thing, meals are very important in Italy. They eat as a family. Schools often close by 1 so that students may go home and eat with their families. Not in the U.S. I’m convinced that the lack of eating with their families in the U.S is what has caused the break down of the American family.

Also, in school, schools are categorized by age, and students stay in one classroom, and the teachers move from room to room, whereas, in the US, the students are the ones that move from room to room and change classes.

I have also noticed that the Italian students are uncontrollable and do not particularly seem to be afraid of the principal. In the United States, getting sent to the principal very well could end up on your permanent record.

In Italy, there are specified eating periods. Those periods are usually for lunch and dinner. Lunch runs from 12:30 until about 2:00. When it is lunch time, the entire city, or country for that matter comes to a dead stand still so that its citizens can enjoy a long lunch period.

And when it comes to dinner time, dinner usually does not begin until 8:00 p.m.  And Italians enjoy their leisure dinner.  Man, now that I have discovered this, I keep a number of snacks in my room to munch on as I feel myself getting hungry, since I know it will be a while until the meal is served.

In America,  many restaurants, except the fine eating establishments, are open from 11:00 until midnight or whenever last call is.

In Italy, often times they have your first plate, second plate, etc.  And the first plate is often pasta.  And let me tell you how hard it is to find Chinese or Japanese food, or even my simple fast food. I loved Italian food when I got here, but I am pretty sure I will hate it or at least become sick of it by the time I leave.


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