Where the Locals Hang


So, of course, hanging around in Italy for a while, sooner or later, I am bound to find out where all of the local hangouts and bars are. I’m bound to stumble upon the best pastries and cappuccinos and the energetic vibe. And I think I did.

I came across a place called Caffe Centrale, and another one called Maga Cacao. Oh my goodness, Maga Cacao will not be good for my health. Eating there was like dying and going to heaven. Chocolate Heaven. I mean, I had this chocolate cake that was the size of my head. It was about as rich as it could get. I had dreams about that cake for nights afterwards. My dentist would not be happy. And Maga Cacao is such a nice local hangout. It’s relaxing just to be there. It’s like an upscale version of Starbucks, only better.

Links to the two places can be found below:

1) Maga Cacao: https://www.facebook.com/maga.cacao

2) Caffe Centrale: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caff%C3%A8-Centrale-Macerata/120065288118637


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