My Typical Day in Italy

Let me paint you a portrait of what my typical day in Italy looks like:

I start my morning off by sleeping in a little bit.

Then, I either go downstairs for breakfast, or eat a couple of snacks that I brought for myself for breakfast, like a yogurt cake or bread or something.

Then, so I am not late for the classes that start around noon, I’ll hang out at the school, prepare for the classes, study my Italian, write blog posts like this one, check my e-mail, go on Facebook, things like that.

My boyfriend will usually give me his daily morning call.

Then I will head to class and teach for an hour. The classes here are done in hour increments.

By the time class is over, I am usually pretty hungry, both physically and metaphorically. I gallivant through town, wander around a bit, and look for a little spot where I can get lunch.

Once I’m done with lunch, I’ll take some more walks, enjoy the lovely weather, and then perhaps read a book or write. And let’s not forget the occasional afternoon naps. Before I know it, it is dinner time. Often, I’ll eat dinner at the school. I’m telling you, these kids eat better than I ever did in elementary, middle or High School. They are living like Kings out here. I should take that notion back to the school systems in CT and convince them to start serving better, tastier food in the school cafeteria.


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