What I’ve Learned From My Week in Italy So Far

1) How to be independent

Now that is not to say that I have never been independent. But now, living on my own, there is simply just so much room, so much opportunity for growth. I am on my own. I have to make my own decisions. I have to make smart decisions. I have to be cautious, careful, alert, aware. Or, as I like to call it the 2c’s and the 2a’s.

2) How to be on my own

This one has actually been a small growth. I remember there was a time when I hated going to the movies or dinner or doing anything by myself. I hated the silence and I always needed to be around people. Not anymore. I take leisure walks in the park. I eat dinner by myself. I grab drinks by myself. I explore by myself.

3) How to be happy

In life, we all seek happiness. But ultimately, I have learned that happiness, like the Spice Girls once said, “happiness is just a state of your mind.” Happiness comes from within. If you are genuinely, an unhappy person, relocating won’t change that.

4) How to have a fresh start

Nobody knows me here. I can be whoever I want to be. I can be a Greek Goddess, or a sorceress, or the Queen of Kenya (just kidding on that last part). But it is nice to not be judged, to not be told what to do, to live life for me and on my own terms.

5) How to Budget

I’ll be honest, budgeting and not spending money is not exactly my strong suit. But here, money does not grow on trees. I am unemployed, trying to navigate my way around a foreign country and adapt to their customs and their culture.  Not exactly an easy thing to do. Nonetheless, I have barely spent any money since being here. Trust me, I am just as impressed as you are. I came with 1,600.00 on my travel card, and I still have 1,502.00 left. Impressive, no? I think I might actually come back with extra money.

Keep your eyes peeled, as I learn new things, I will be sure to post them here.


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