What I’ve Been Looking For

I feel that in a way, this vide very loosely describes what I am feeling right now. That and it’s the first video to be put in my blog. I’m looking for something. That’s why I came to Italy after all. I am looking for a sign or something. I did not get the sign in the US, so I thought, maybe Italy knows. Maybe I can find my own path, take time away from the every day business and stress and disdain of the world back home, and clear my head, think, reevaluate my priorities and decide what I want out of life and where I want to go in life. Well, so far, I have accomplished absolutely nothing that I set out here to do. Who was I to think that I could pack two suitcases, hop on a plane and suddenly everything would change. It’s like that Taylor Swift song, “Suddenly, everything has changed.” Well, not for me. I need to come back with some sort of a plan. I have a time line. I cannot go back without direction. I believe that life is too short to be directionless.

I just hope that I can find…what I’ve been looking for. One week down, seven to go. Andiamo.


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