Per Una Settimana!! BRAVI! BRAVI!


So, I’m kind of exhausted right now as I type this. I think it’s because I have not taken my afternoon nap today. I had become so used to taking afternoon naps. I would wake up, work for a bit, explore for a bit, take a nap and then before I know it, it was dinner time.

I didn’t take that nap today. I even spent a little time in the park walking around some, and then reading the book, The Four Hour Work Week.

Anyways, as lazy and tired as I am at the moment, as much as I did not, do not feel like posting a blog post today, I felt that it was only fitting. After all, I have officially been in Italy for an entire week. 1 WHOLE WEEK!!! WHOOO…I’ve lasted, I guess that is good news. I do not have a whole lot to share today, other than this.

So, I was walking around, looking for a place to chow down for dinner, and some dude comes up to me saying “bella, bella” and so I simply reply, “mi dispiace, sono Americana.” And he answers, “I know you are American, do you have any money.”

First things first, I have been trying so hard to blend in. What? Do I have a sign plastered on my forehead somewhere that says, “AMERICAN!!” Secondly, I barely have enough money for myself. I am being ever so careful with my finances. If I barely have money for myself, how on Earth would I be able to spread the wealth?

HERE’S To One week!! Una settimana!!


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