First Day of Classes

students 2Mama mia!! What can I say? Some people hate Americans. Well, some of these Italian kids are fucking rude and obnoxious beyond belief. They make the American youth look good.

I mean, my first two classes of the day were fine. The last class of the day made me want to hang myself. They were so rude, it was unbelievable. First off, it is not okay to ask someone their age, especially a male student to a female teacher. I know in the United States, asking someone their age is considered rude and inconsiderate. I do not know if things are different in Italy, but NO, I’m sorry, my age is not the fucking concern of students. I politely had to respond by saying that that is not an appropriate question and I would not be responding to it. Another student asked if I was married. Again, could they be more inappropriate. I guess that one is not as bad as the latter. What’s worse, is that one someone asked what my favorite drink was (of course we all know that it is sprite soda) a couple troublemaking kids in the back of the class joked, I presume & said vodka. Seriously? No! Again, not okay.

The entire class was loud and multiple people were talking at the same time. I know where I come from this would be considered rude and unacceptable. It is not okay to speak when someone else is speaking. Man, we should turn the class into Bring it On. You remember how in the Bring it On films, whoever had the spirit stick is the one that would be a loud to talk. No stick, no speak. Yeah, something like that might be useful. These are not kids, they are fucking delinquents. The damn teacher can’t even control her own students. That’s when you know it’s bad. I even asked the teacher what to do or how to handle it, and she said, “oh, it’s always like that. You just have to deal with it.” WTF? What kind of organization are they running here?

Well, when I take the floor, I do not tolerate disrespect. I am not the type of person who likes to raise her voice, but I will if I have to. Where these kids raised by wolves? Come on.

I hate to break it to them, but I already graduated college. I already have a degree, and I already speak English fluently. I do not need this, they do because it is part of their curriculum. They are simply wasting theirs and their classmates time.


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  1. Try and humour them? It’ll get better in time.

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