Since being in Italy, each day I have tried to explore a new area of Macerata. Most days, when I have free time, I just walk out of the school and walk. I don’t have a plan or a destination. Really, I don’t know where the hell I’m going. I’m just going to be on the move. For now, I don’t go too far because the weather is still quite a bit chilly outside.

Anyways, I plan to take the train to Ancona this weekend. I will take Tren Italia. Good luck to me. That will be the first time since coming here last week that I will be taking the train. I guess, if I do get lost, that is all part of the adventure, all part of the plan. It will be an even greater feeling, if I manage to make my way out of that, out of that setback.

Ancona is only about an hour away by train, give or take, and it also depends on whether or not you have to transfer trains. Ancona is right on the coast of Italy, and I have been looking forward to getting out on the water. Or at least close to the water, to think, to clear my head. I find that being on or near the water is really helpful for me. It makes me calm and keeps me at peace.  It is like yoga to my soul and helps me keep my sanity.  And hopefully I actually get some reading and writing done. I haven’t done either of those two things that I swore that I would do while I’m here.  It could be the weather. Like today it is all cold and cloudy, and I do not particularly want to be out in that. I can’t wait to take pictures of that lovely scenery, and to know that I got their all by myself.

I plan to make the reservations at the hostel either tonight or tomorrow morning. How excited am I? I’ll let you guess.


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  1. Gary says:

    Download locomotimes to your iPhone. You can get all Italian train schedules there ( in Italiano certamente). See! I am reading your blog as I have the time.

    1. done. downloaded to my phone.

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