Stay at the host family’s house

Ciao. Well, it’s the weekend. Man, I cannot believe how quickly time flies. This weekend, I am staying at my host families house, just outside of Macerata. I mean, this place is truly country. However, they are all very friendly, and they have an absolutely gorgeous house. I mean, I have never been more jealous of a house than I am right now. The décor, the color, the style, the architecture, it is all completely to die for. And they have the most gorgeous view of anything I have ever seen, ever!!


Wouldn’t you kill for a view like that? I mean to have that be what you woke up to every single morning? I mean, when I wake up and walk outside, the only view I have is of the house across the street.


I have not visual artistic talent whatsoever, my dad has that. But, if I did have visual artistic talent, then I would be outside every day, painting this and sipping lemonade on the porch. It makes you appreciate the finer things in life.


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  1. Lovely view. I hope you have a nice time.

      1. 🙂

        Hey I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to invite you to my blog at

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