Goal Setting: Macerata

Buona note!!

As I said in a previous post, I had taken a nap earlier today. That being said, clearly, I am not tired right now, and will likely be up until midnight. However, I am nursing a headache. I seem to have woken up with this headache. Having the headache is no fun. Anyways, I figure I would talk a little bit about my goal setting here. I need to focus on the big wins. I am, slowly but surely, beginning to learn and letting my host town and community grown on me. I have set for myself a number of goals, that way I can focus on the small wins.

Yesterday, March 5, my goal was to explore just a little area of the town center. I would have explored more, but it was cold and rainy, and I really did not want to be walking about in that kind of weather.

Today, my goal was to find the pharmacy and the supermarket. A girl has got to go shopping, right? I asked, in Italian and I found. I even managed to have a small conversation with a local on the way. I am getting my practice in, especially because it is so hard for me to default to English when I am out there in the cold hard city where very few people speak English.

Some of my next goals are listed below:

1) Explore the rest of the town center without a map. Just get lost. Loose myself in the city.

2) Explore the rest of the town center with a map; see places that I have not seen before. Use the map and let the map be my guide.

3) Find the train station

4) Learn how to use the train station

5) Plan a small day trip for myself. This could be to places like Ancona or the Frassisi caves

6) find a local coffee spot at which I can become a regular

7) make one new Italian friend (this one may be a little bit trickier)

8) Plan a nice long vacation for myself during Easter holiday. Not sure how this is going to work, but right now, I am looking at traveling to Greece and Portugal. And maybe, if I have the time, I will even throw in an English speaking country. Ireland or Scotland? That would be lovely.  This will really test my ability to plan, something that I have never been good at. I really enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone. It is causing me to discover so much about myself. I am finally seeing what others say when they say that traefling by yourself, while lonely is one of the best things that you can possibly do. You get to learn so much about yourself. And so far, in the time I have been here, I have learned a lot.

amalfi coast


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