Discovering Gems

picture 2 One of my favorite things to do, even in the United States, is to wonder around until I find lovely little gems. I found this jewel of a place that made me feel as if I died and went to heaven. I will deffinetly want to become a local here. I mean, the minute I walked in, I could smell the pastries. I was eager to try everything that I saw in the glass display. And I was especially eager to try the cappiciunos. Just look at the pictures below, and you will see what happiness looks like.

picture 3

picture 1

Can you say Gym & Work Out World when I return back to this place. The Italians are all about food.

I mean, the three things that would be the icing on the cake of this trip would be:

1) If I could find an Italian Cooking Class

2) If I could find an Italian language class in Macerata, right downtown

3) If I could find a lovely wine and cheese tour

I can taste the sweetness now.

So, what is the place that made me the happiest person on the planet? RomCaffe. Here is the link: If you are ever in Italy, I highly recommend giving this place a try. I’m not really a certified food critic, but I majored in foodie in college, and take my word for it, once you are there, you will never want to leave.


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