Preparing for my first day of classes

Alora, Lenedi, Io insegno la clase di inglese. Wow. 2 days and I will be teaching my first classes. I’ll be honest, I do not know the first thing there is to know about teaching. I mean, I have taught learn to skate classes before, but teaching English. Who the hell decided what correct grammar was anyways?

I mean, in the English language we use just so much slang and acronyms. I’m pretty sure there is a book on all the acronyms we use, like: OMG, WTF, SGTM, CYL8tr, TTYS, TTYL. I mean seriously, what is with all that crap that we have come up with? Well, I can’t teach kids that. And I certainly can’t teach them to say, “sup?” or “what’s up?” It’s more like “hello” and “hi, how are you?”


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