Io uso una pianta

So, I bet you’ll never guess what I’m doing right now. I am using a map. Now please, bare in mind that I am millennial, I come from a generation that does not understand how to be separated from their phones. I don’t know what that means, this separation. I could not tell you the first thing there is to know about using a map. I mean, when I need to get somewhere or I need to get lost, I simply use a GPS, because a GPS is never wrong, and I’ll never truly be lost. And if I do get “lost” I can simply tap a couple of buttons and bada bing, bada bang, and wala, no longer lost.

Well, like I said in an earlier post, I made a trip to the tourism office today and landed myself a map of the center of Macerata. Of course, their are many attractions to see, like the Duomo and the Basillica. Well, starting over the course of the next few days, I think it will be good for me to venture out, map in hand and figure this thing the fuck out. I mean, if I can’t navigate and circumvent a town as small as Macerata, why the hell would I think that I could take a fucking trip to Greece or Portugal by myself? Doi?


Maybe I’ll bless you with real pictures once I get them.


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