Well I’m in the Le Marche region, I am looking at all these pictures of how beautiful it is, not that the region that I am staying in is not. And I promise you, once it is sunny and I have the opportunity to explore, I will post actual pictures up from my time here and about.

Anyways, Ancona is only about an hour train ride from here in Macerata. So it would be crazy not to go visit there, right? I think I will have to start doing my research. That being that I do not speak Italian fluently yet, and all I seem to do is bitch about that and be slightly depressed over[3]

I mean, how could anyone possibly be mad in a city that looks like this? I’ll be honest, part of me is afraid to go, afraid to even venture out into the unknown, outside of this school’s walls, in a country where I do not speak the language. I’m afraid of getting lost, killed, mugged, raped, whatever you want to call it. I’m that person who just thinks that the absolute worst is capable of happening. Anyways, I need to find a way here. And I will.

I have even been searching this link for the millions of things to do there:

Maybe this trip will be good for me, teach me how to step out of my comfort zone.


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