Adversity, adversity, adversity. I mean, there are plenty of times when I have been in school, and never really noticed adversity until I went away to college. It was at college when I looked around me and noticed, hey, I’m the only black person here, I think like this and think like that. Mama mia. Is it wrong and akward, especially coming from a black person that I think “Holy shiz?” when I see another black person here in Italy? How the hell did they even get here? Why are they here? I feel like it’s so unusual. I mean, at what point in history did blacks start migrating to Italy? The United States, Canda, that I can understand, even Londaon and other parts of the UK, but Italy? Still, I probably see one black person for every 6,000 white people. And that is just my guestimate.



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