A Lot to Wander About-Reason Behind the Name

So, I think I have finally settled on a name for this blog. I went through a number of titles before I finally settled on this one, “A Lot to Wander About.” I like it. What about you? I think it’s a play on words. A lot to Wonder about versus A Lot to Wander about. I mean, like I say, not all who wander are lost.

My first day here in Macerata, I was a little on defense, wandering around and across a city that I barely knew. Well, today, I was walking around, and every time I saw a new corner, I wanted to twist and turn and see where that led me, if I could find someplace new. It was as if that is what ignited me, what brought me to life. I kept twisting and turning and wandering about as I discovered different areas. Of course, I did not get to see and discover every place that I wish I could have discovered. Plus, I am still learning how to use a map. I’m sure that I will talk about that in another post.



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