A Little Story of a Journey

I’ll admit, there a few things that I am finding so difficult to get used to out here. For one thing, all the stares. It’s so irritating. Like do I have a booger or something? What the hell are you staring it? Am I really all that interesting?

And the second thing is that I am legit in the middle of nowhere. It’s like, how the hell do I travel around this place when everything is so far away, and when I have to make changes on trains and buses or whatever it might be. The last thing that I would ever want to do is to end up having to take a taxi. It is so hard to navigate around this place, especially when you are the odd ball out. I guess it’s good that I have got my Italian phrasebook. I’ll need to keep that handy. The school echoes a lot too. Sometimes I think I’m hearing people who are really far away, but they sound closer than they are.

There are the occasional people that are not quite patient and get frustrated with the fact that I do not know there language. Ah. Hello. That is why I am here, to learn and to study the language.

Well, the language might be difficult for me to pick up and understand. I might be drained a little bit, I think it’s the jetlag, but once I do it on my own, I bet I’ll feel real proud. Anyways, music is universal. One student asked me what type of singer was my favorite, and of course I said Lady G. I am one of her little monsters for sure. Turns out that student loved Lady Gaga, and we ended up chatting. I used the little Italian that I know and even shared a couple of second row seat pictures of the show. Turned out to be a pretty good evening, despite the stares. It’s okay to be a little curious, just remember, curiosity killed the cat.

Come to think of it, I wonder how people on the Amazing Race get by. Maybe I should channel them for inspiration. Hmmm?


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