Language Learning & Immersion

You know, my mom thinks that I am way too hard on myself. Maybe that’s true. I mean, really. So, I am unable to have a fluent, or even conversational conversation in Italian. I need to look at the big picture here and focus on those small little wins. Like today for instance, I was able to go into a restaurant and order my food completely in Italian. And later, I was able to purchase 2 pens (due pene) I mean, that is progress right. At my old job, they had this saying…”how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” I think that same sort of logic applies here. I need to stay motivated, I just do, or come up with some type of study plan and regime. But it’s just all this vocabulary, and this grammar and etc. et.c etc. My head is spinning from this whole world. juggling-language-11


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