First 24 Hours in Macerata

Buongiorno tutti! Come sta? Adesso, sono in Macerata. Sono stanca e non sono caldo, perche e piove. Mi non piace piove. Alora, I am staying inside today. I know, I know. Not my idea of a good time, but it is cold and rainy out. Can you believe I left Connecticut for this? For the rain? Granted, I will still take the rain over the yucky New England snow any day.

Anyways, that rules out many of my plans. I for one, am not heading out into this weather. No way. I think I’ll keep it in, and read, and write, and sleep and get myself a little bit more settled. I’m not really sure what to expect right now. All I know is that I am freezing. Si, io ho freddo. Non mi piace. Mi dispiace.

I am meeting with the director of the school in a little bit. Hopefully I can get my class schedule and all that jazz. It would be nice to have that so that I can plan out my days and my week, and know when I will be where.

Since I am staying at the school during the week, but with a host family on the weekends, I am going to have to call the host family sometime today and work out arrangements. It will be nice. I can see another area of the lovely city. Well, I’m assuming it’s lovely. I can’t really tell, what with it raining and me being unwilling to explore in the rain. I think I’ll take a nap later. I am exhausted. Exhausted & missing my boyfriend.

Anyways, I met one lady today, who primarily speaks Italian, and man listening to her speak and trying to keep with her was a challenge in and of itself. My mind does not work that quickly. It’s that really awkward moment when you are completely lost in conversation, so all that you can think of to do is to just smile and nod. Do you ever have those moments? It’s a whole new world for me out here, and I am struggling to immerse myself. 7321_macerata_foto


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