Buon Pomeriggio

macerata imageCiao tutti! Buon pomerrigio. So, so much has already happened in the short time that I have been here.  It is a Whole new world and I am Learning so much, kind of. I have a Whole new respect for people that do not speak my native Language. Here, I am the minority. I have probably seen about a total of 3 black people here in Macerata. Italy is not as diverse as other countries, especially the United States. I have yet to see a Puerto Rican. Although, I have seen a few Asians. Not many, but a few.

I have sort of managed to get by a little bit here. I was able to order my food, and the waitress seemed to appreciate my effort in Learning the Language. But there is just so much to learn and the grammar is so difficult.

Today, there was one, no, a few ladies actually that did not speak any english, at least that I ran into. It was quite a challenge, with my limitted understanding of the Language to communicate with them. I did the best I could, but there was deffinetly a Language barrier.

I explored a little bit today.Only a little as a result of all the rain. It was cold and wet and rainy today. Not my idea of a good time. Although, I will take the rain over the snow any day.

I do not think that I am battling culture shock too much, but it is new to be seeing cookies served with breakfast and eating dinner at eight o clock at night.

I try to use my Italian when I can, when I feel comofortable, but listening to the Italians speak_ My goodness. What is going to happen when I travel elsewhere? Like Greece or Portugal? My gosh. I very well may be screwed. I think I am going to have to learn how to use a map.

At the end of the day, this whole thing is a learning experience.

I thought that I would be more home sick or missing people more than I am. I’m not really missing them as much as I thought I would. I think technology has a large part to do with that. Nowadays, you can use Skype, Google Voice, Viber, E-mail, Facetime, Whatsapp just to keep in touch. So long are the days of hand written mail, yes? Do you feel me? Okay, va bene.

And this weekend, I get to meet my host family. They speak English, but even still, I will be forced to use what little Italian I have and go from there. This two month gig will be a journey of growth, self-discovery and damn good food.

The rest of today will be composed of studying my Italian, and reading and writing. And perhaps practicing and preparing for my classes. And lets not forget nap time. You are never too old to nap, and I am still getting over jetlag.

Soon I will be adding some of my own images. That will be when it is not cold and not a torrential down pour outside.


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