Live in The Moment

live-in-the-moment-sourceLive for Each Moment  LiveAlright, live in the moment? That is something that I have never exactly been good at. Living in the moment. Just letting things be. Being ever present. Trusting my gut, my instincts and enjoying life. I am always worried about something, getting lost, finding a new job, what could happen. I’m always worried about the possibility of things. I build things up in my head and see them to be as worse as they could be, as bad as they could be. But what if this happens? What if that happens? Well the truth is that yes, they could happen. But they may not happen. Actually, they are more than likely not to happen.  It seems here that the people in Italy have really got it down. Enjoying life, going through the motions of life slowly. After all, they do take four hour lunch breaks.  I could learn a lot from them. But still, I still have my, high maintenance personality. I can’t rest. I have racing thoughts and I am always go,go,go. Hopefully, by the time I leave Italy, I will have learned how to take life as it comes at me and trust that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life and that God has a much bigger plan for me.


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