Big Travel Plans Ahead

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed traveling, seeing the world, meeting new people, learning new things. I have always been curious about other cultures, other foods, and other ways of living.

In the twenty five years that I have lived so far, I have been blessed and lucky enough to travel to many places and go on many different adventures. I have traveled to multiple stats in the United States, including Maine, Florida, Chicago, New Mexico, Louisianna, and California just to name a few. I have traveled abroad to England, Spain, France and Italy.

And I’m not quite done traveling yet. HELL! In my twenties. If I am going to do something like this, if I am going to do all this traveling, now is the time to do it. I am not done discovering life. I am still searching for who I am and want I want to do in life. I am searching for that one passion that I think will ignite me. I don’t really know who I am or what I want out of life. Since the love of my life and I broke up five years ago, I have yet to find another boyfriend or have anything similar to a steady relationship.

I look at people getting married, settling into their lives, and I wonder if I am on the right path for life. I know what I would like to do, but can I really make a career out of that? I don’t understand how people at 21, 22, 23 have kids and are getting married. I have been completely the opposite of that my whole life. I have always wanted to travel and see the world before I have to become part of it.

I have always lived by the motto and the belief that we only live once, enjoy it while you can, right? Carpe Diem.

Anyways, life, everything changed for me in September after a trip to Italy in which I toured Florence, Venice and Rome. I fell in love with the country, the food, the history, the culture. Aside from tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain, I vowed that I would find my way back to Italy, no matter what. I wanted to live there, immerse myself in the culture as I strove to learn to speak Italian fluently.

Well, sometimes in life, you need to take  leap of faith, and so I did. I applied for a program through Interexchange, free room and board that allowed me the opportunity to travel back to Italy, and live like a local.

As of now, I will be leaving for Macerata, Italy on March 3, 2015. I plan to stay for about two months, teaching English in a local school.


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